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You know where I am...

I am finding my journey into the world of The GC Index truly fascinating. The more profiles I review with clients, the more I discover what a powerful tool it is.

TBF it's not rocket science.

Often both the client and I will say - 'yep that's right, no surprises there' - but the conversations it engenders are deep and help the client to understand whether their current role, team, organisation, is where they can be at their best and what they might do about it.

For others, it can be more of an awakening, realising that they have the potential to be a real Game Changer for instance and understanding how their natural tendencies may be helping, or hindering, their progress.

This week, I was excited to use the Young People version of the GCI with a 17yr old, who is struggling. He has been given the label of Asperger's. Turns out (as I suspected) that he has a really strong profile. This kid is going places - once he finds the right fit for him.

His profile as a Strategist/Game Changer explains why he is struggling now. He draws no energy from the way he is taught, is not motivated, is chastised for asking why.

We discussed his profile and all the pros and cons of the various proclivities and then explored how this is his current reality and that to get to the next more exciting part of his life, and where he will be able to thrive, right now he needs to survive. To do that he needs to rock his other skills - Implementer in particular - and just get it done.

If I can help any of you on your journey, you know where I am. 😊






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