• Lucy Brown

Supercharge your performance

DID YOU KNOW that within your digestive system, you have more bacteria than there are stars in our galaxy (over one hundred trillion!)?

Don't be frightened by this statistic, the majority of these bacteria are the vitally important residents of your gut microbiome.

A healthy microbiome in a gut has the potential to make more serotonin and more dopamine than the brain can. It has been discovered, that these bacteria, have the potential to, therefore, make a marked impact on how you feel emotionally by way of their synthesis of these 'mood' neurotransmitters.

So, how we treat and nurture these little critters, has a vital and lasting impact on our overall resilience and well-being.

And this is why I have focused on the 'gut-brain connection', and managing our lifestyle to create the right balance, as the central pillar of Equilibrium - Lifestyle Management .

Talk to me if would like to discover how 1. Eating the right foods, and 2. Improving your mindset, can help SUPERCHARGEšŸš€ your performance, as we step into 2021.

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