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Resilience - the ability to bounce back

If you had told me back in November 2019 that I would happen upon the 'golden egg', THE very theme that would define 2020, I would, of course, not have believed you. How lucky was I! My plan back then was to bring all my knowledge and experience together, to help others boost their resilience and well-being - in the face of... well the usual stresses and strains of 21st Century life. You know... the usual stuff that challenges us every day. So there I was, diligently building my value proposition, designing my logo, my website, networking, reconnecting with people I thought my message and approach would resonate with, making sure I underpinned my intuitive approach with some solid accreditations and qualifications. Build it and they will come, or so I thought. I had all the tools. - A value proposition that was compelling and would be in demand - The passion and energy to deliver it - An amazing network of potential clients and partners - And the ability to cover all elements of the funnel - marketing, demand gen, sales, delivery. And then... BOOM! 💥. Just as I was taking the leap from corporate bunny into the world of the self-employed, we dived headlong into a full blown global pandemic!! Who would have thought? You couldn't make it up! All of a sudden the world tilts on its axis and my 'resilience and well-being' tagline is on everyone's lips. Has the 'golden egg' fallen in my lap? Am I in the right place at the right time? Is everyone going to want my help? It seems not... or perhaps I am not quite as good at marketing, or selling, as I thought I was! Or could it just be timing? The pandemic threw people, organisations, governments, into such a tailspin, that all they could do was focus on survival. No-one knew it was going to last the whole year. So the world hunkered down, drew in its horns, conserved energy and resources and certainly was not interested in self development. Supporting their employees had more fundamental and practical needs and that didn't include engaging a third party, with essentially untested skills, to support their employees. Too much of a leap of faith. Which really is such a shame. I know I have so much to offer. I know I can help individuals and teams to recover from this. I am an expert in dealing with and overcoming the challenges of working from home, working in virtual/remote teams, balancing family and career. My latest theory about why it was not working was that I was crap at one of the elements of the funnel. I figured the marketing and bus dev part was pretty good and I thrive on the delivery - the coaching, the facilitating, the presenting/speaking... What is missing is the 'selling', the closing. And that is the rub. When I built my business model, my concept was that a lot of the time I would be partnering with others. I would find like-minded people, hopefully a lot more advanced than me in developing their market, and hitch my wagon to their horse. Unfortunately, even for those well-established, it has been a nightmare year. Whether sole-traders, or small businesses, I have met the most amazing people, who, after an initial flurry of activity, taking their business online etc, have either flourished but can manage alone, or, more commonly, are struggling to stay afloat. So while they loved my value proposition, could see how it might add value to their offer, invited me to collaborate on zoom calls and in think-tanks etc, nothing really materialised. And so we come to the start of a 2021. A New Year like no other in our lifetime. We have survived so far and in November I was starting to see some green shoots. We always question ourselves at this time of year - am I happy with my life, how can I improve, how can I add more value? NYE I went through all that. In fact I spent the greater part of the day crying. It was like a pressure valve popped and I questioned whether I was doing the right thing. Should I carry on? Was I flogging a dead horse? But if not this, then what? I really think my time INSIDE the corporate world is done. As a 'Polisher/Game-changer', I have realised that I was never really a good fit. I managed to find roles that fit my proclivities - rather than the other way round - more 'survive' than 'thrive'. But what it has given me is a wealth of knowledge and experience that I can bring to bear to help others. And THAT is my passion.

The 'Polisher' in me thought about jacking it all in and starting (yet) again, but the 'Strategist' says 'no' - give it time, give others - the world actually - time to recalibrate, fit back on its axis. Let's see what we can do in 2021. Keep going. If it is meant to be, it will be. And if not? Then it will have kept you busy if nothing else. Onwards and hopefully upwards. Let's see who, and how, I can help SUPERCHARGE their performance in 2021.

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