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Resilience, resilience, resilience...

Well, one thing is for sure. We are not short of information and support on how to re-build business resilience!

EVERYONE has something to say on the matter.

- SAP adopted the slogan - Resilience, Sustainability, Profitability - at their virtual SAPPHIRENOW.

- Oracle is sharing how your choice of cloud applications will be critical to how your business bounces back.

- Salesforce is running virtual SalesforceLive events, again focusing on how to build business resilience.

- McKinsey has published a helpful ebook.

- My colleagues at The Change Maker Group have been publishing lots of useful hints and tips .

This is all great! So much help - for free!!

For me, what is most telling throughout this whole strange period we are going through, is that despite all the focus and dependency on technology - AI, robotics, bots, big data, etc - what most businesses are still highly dependent on, is their PEOPLE.

And we people can be remarkably resilient - or not.

Our personal resilience is defined as our ability to withstand pressure and bounce back - and this is highly dependent on our ability to manage stress.

I have just re-read Chapter 4 in the brilliant 'The Leader's Secret Code', which explores the topic of resilience, as one of the core 'Destination Beliefs'.

The chapter homes in on 2 key 'journey motivators', working hard and working smart. There are lots of helpful ideas about how you can get the right balance and improve both your own resilience and that of your team.

It also features an equation developed by Dr Liz Mellon, organisational psychologist consultant and former executive director of Duke CE.

Endurance = (Resilience + Adaptability + Perseverance)/Reserves.

Here what draws my attention is the 'Reserves', and how we ensure that we have the right level of reserves - energy, motivation - to be resilient, adaptable and able to persevere.

My premise is that these reserves go much deeper than being simply a mental construct. To be able to deal effectively with stress, we also need to be physically resilience.

And this means taking care of our bodies, our health.

One thing that Covid-19 has shown us is that everything can be brought to a standstill by one microscopic virus. This doesn't directly infect our computer networks, or infiltrate our transport systems, it attacks people.

And by attacking our people, it undermines our resilience in every aspect of our lives - business resilience, financial resilience, emotional resilience, the resilience of our health systems, our emergency services, even our political stability.

We need our people to be healthy. Again, what Covid-19 has shown up is that people with metabolic syndrome are at huge risk of being affected by the virus - and unfortunately that accounts for a huge percentage of the population.

With obesity rates at record highs and the number of people - including children - with Type 2 Diabetes growing an alarming rate, it is something that relates to us all - from leaders to everyone of us.

The current system is not working. We cannot rely on 'the powers that be' to take care of us. Their focus is on identifying and prescribing - they do not seek the root cause and help us to fix it. They don't have time, the system won't allow it.

So it's down to us to help ourselves - before we forget all about it and go back to our daily lives – the 'new normal’...

It really is worth it!

Lucy Brown Consulting is a coaching and consulting practice, providing support to people wishing to improve their underlying physical and mental resilience and well-being, particularly when facing change.

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