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Nutritional Health 101 - Part 3 - why and how I can help

Full disclosure: I am not a doctor, nutritionist, or even a trained psychologist! I am, however, a very enthusiastic and passionate amateur, who has spent 1000s of hours, studying, understanding and applying my craft. I have also given many hours of my time for free to help 100s of people on their journey to wellness.

And here is a little known fact - did you know that most doctors only spend somewhere between four and nineteen hours learning about nutrition and its impact on our health, during their many years of study?

So I am certainly not planning on replacing your doctor. What I am here to do is to use all this knowledge I have gained, to help you to apply what your doctor may have suggested you do to restore your health.

Or maybe you can see things starting to slide health-wise, weight-wise or mentally, and want to make sure you avoid developing today's all too common chronic conditions: obesity, anxiety and depression, T2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, PCOS, infertility, even cancer and Alhzeimer's.

Science and research are moving at an extremely fast pace in this area, and technology such as Big Data, AI and the ability to store and rapidly analyse vast amounts of data, mean that we are learning more and more daily about the role of nutrition, in both our physical and mental wellness. Doctors and nutritionists used to say (and some still do), that T2 diabetes was irreversible - once you have it, you have it - and then have to take medication for the rest of your life to treat it. That is no longer true. We can treat, avoid and reverse T2 diabetes and many other conditions by simply changing how and what we eat. I say 'simply', and it really is, but understanding how and what to change - and sticking to it - is where I can help.

My journey started with my lifelong quest to lose weight. My friend Mary Miall visited her family in South Africa for Xmas 2014 and returned with tales of having found the secret to weight loss. Ever an early adopter, I jenned up on this new miracle cure and applied it rigorously. I quickly lost the excess 10kg I had been carrying around with me and in the process reversed several irritating conditions: IBS, reflux, migraines, painful fingers and sometimes toes, and restored my periods for a further four years - all things I had just accepted as the normal niggles of growing older. I also felt more clear minded, needed less sleep and generally had more energy.

I joined a Facebook group - also SA-based in origin - started by the amazing Rita Fernandes-Venter, and started to help others on their journey. Five years later and that group now has over 2 million members from across the world and I have been one of the volunteer Admin for about four and a half years of that.

To be honest it has not all been totally altruistic, being part of this amazing team has also provided me with sanctuary when my own life becomes stressful - helping others can be a welcome distraction at times and help restore order to a troubled mind. 😊

In addition to learning on the job, I have also studied and taken official courses along the way, to ensure I am accredited to offer help to others. I have also read, or listened to, dozens of the latest books, papers, and videos on the topic and evolved my understanding and approach along the way. Science is moving at an incredible rate right now and what was believed just ten years ago is now often debunked.

And of course there are fanatics out there - those who become so entrenched in their view of the world that it can be the only way - the Paleo's, the Carnivores, the Intermittent fasters, the Vegans etc. - all weighing in and trying to convince us that their way is the best and only way. I have met and studied them all, experimented with several of the approaches on myself, and come out the other side healthier and wiser.

There are some core principles that are emerging from all this, that are now providing a new model that we can apply, dependent on a lot more data and tools, to help us understand what is best for each of us, based on our specific situation.

My mission is to help as many people as I can with that - to 'help you be your best you'. To help you on your journey to physical and mental resilience and well-being, with guided self-help.

If you think I can put my experience to use and help you navigate this often confusing and rapidly evolving world, send me a message on WhatsApp or email me at and we can arrange an exploratory chat.

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