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How self aware are you? 

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Have you, like me, experienced most of the major - and some of the more obscure - aptitude, ability, personality, memory, happiness and intelligence, psychometric tests.

To be fair, I thought I was pretty clear on who I was and what made me and others tick. I've even trained to be able to provide feedback on some of the more traditional psychometric tests.

So why was I so excited when I discovered The GC Index, and how does it differ from the more traditional profiling tools?

Well, The GC Index and its sister, the Change Maker Profile, take a different approach. Described as an 'organimetric', rather than a psychometric, it focuses more on your proclivities than your personality traits and behaviours.

It profiles the ways in which you feel most ENGAGED and ENERGISED, when it comes to making your IMPACT on the world. The way I describe it is to imagine that it is Sunday evening, or even Monday morning, and you are thinking about the week ahead. Are you inspired, energised, looking forward to the week and what it has in store for you? Or are you steeling yourself, counting down the hours until it is Friday again and wishing you could magically be whisked to a place where you could really feel you were adding value, and making the greatest impact - able to 'be your best YOU'. This is what The GC Index is able to capture.

Once you complete a short questionnaire, your profile report will help you to think about how you can 'play to your strengths', and maximise your contribution to a role, team or organisation.

So, as a personal productivity tool, it is incredibly insightful and can be really eye-opening in helping you to work out why you might not be best suited to your current role, and also, the sort of role that you should aim for.

But there's more...

As well as a great personal productivity tool, The GC Index can also be used at the TEAM and ORGANISATIONAL level. To do this, The GC Index consolidates the profiles of the individuals into a team view, or even a complete organisational view. Using this insightful tool, teams or organisations can:

  • Improve business outcomes

  • Increase productivity

  • Improve employee engagement

  • Develop a unique insight into their people

  • Create a more harmonious work environment

  • Develop a common language across the business - starting top down

  • Increase individual performance

  • Increase team performance

The GC Index is also a fabulous tool as part of a TALENT ACQUISITION program. With the common language, it enables hiring managers to clearly identify what proclivities they need the new team member to bring, to complement their existing team make up. For instance, are they missing a Strategist, who will look for patterns and trends and help the team to define and articulate their strategy clearly? Or maybe they have plenty of Strategists in the team but are missing an Implementer, who will bring practicality and task-focused energy and urgency.

Having clearly defined the profile of the person they need, The GC Index can then be used during the recruitment process, as a candidate profiling tool.

So The GC Index is an incredibly flexible and powerful tool, that can be used in many different contexts and can provide some serious 'ah ha' moments.

A coaching tool.

A recruitment tool.

A performance enhancement tool.

An employee engagement tool.

A change management tool.

Sound interesting? If so, I'd love to help you identify how The GC Index can help you, your team and even your whole organisation optimise performance, creating a more dynamic and harmonious environment for all.

Message me here or call/WhatsApp me on +44(0)7827 889414.

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