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Hi I'm Lucy - great to meet you!



As a business leader, who now coaches and develops other people, 
I apply a ‘whole person’ perspective; working with mindsets, beliefs, behaviours, work/life integration, and through an understanding that mind and body are part of the same complex integrated system.  I have also developed expertise in how diet and lifestyle habits have a direct affect on who we are, as well as impacting our overall performance.

Equilibrium Lifestyle Management was launched on 17th February 2020 but the planning started long before...

I knew for a while that I needed to do something different - for my own well-being - but what?  I had been self-employed and run my own business before and had a good idea of what would and would not work for me.


My journey into the world of Nutritional Health

Behind the scenes, I had developed a keen interest in everything to do with nutritional health and the potential to avoid and even reverse chronic medical conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart conditions, infertility, even Alzheimer's and cancer. 

Introduced by a friend in January 2015 to Low Carb/Healthy Fat (LCHF/KETO) eating, basically as a weight loss diet, I quickly understood the power and set out to learn as much as I could.

I joined a Facebook group - Banting 7 Day Meal Plans - focused on an emerging LCHF way of eating, nicknamed Banting, which was based initially mainly in South Africa and within a few months was asked to join the Admin team.  The Group has since grown to a membership of over 2.3m people, from all corners of the globe, and we continue to offer free support to all members.

I continued to take courses and listened to hundreds of podcasts and audio-books from the leading medical practitioners, scientists and researchers, driving the discussion around this fascinating subject; Dr Jason Fung, Prof Tim Noakes, Dr Zoe Harcombe, Dr David Unwin, Dr Aseem Malhotra, Ivor Cummins, Pedram Shojai, Chris Kresser, Nina Teicholz to name just a few.

This culminated in me taking the Nutrition Network Advisor Training in January 2020, which reinforced the knowledge I had already acquired and also added some great coaching techniques.


As part of my journey into Nutritional Health, I started to go deeper and deeper. Initially I investigated Intermittent Fasting and discovered what am amazingly powerful tool it is for helping people to recover their health - especially when paired with a low carb way of eating. From here I started to study the Gut-Brain Connection and how our mood greatly depends on the health of our gut.  Pedram Shojai's Interconnected docu-series was a key influencer here and introduced me to the detailed world of the gut microbiome and ways of testing, analysing and improving it and, as a consequence, improving our physical and mental well-being.  

I like to test things on myself before introducing them to my clients and so sent off for the Viome gut microbiome test kit, as promoted in the Interconnected docu-series. I was very interested to see what would come back, given that I had been following an LCHF way of eating for more than 4.5yrs at that point.  My results came back in November 2019 and I was pleased to see that I only had one area that needed improving, several that were average and a few that were good. The report also recommends foods to include and avoid, as well as which supplements would benefit your bacterial balance.  I now include Viome as an optional tool to help build the baseline, when running Nutritional Health 1 to 1 Coaching sessions with my clients.


In March 2020, I also joined the Public Health Collaboration and was appointed as the Ambassador for the West Berkshire area of the UK. The Public Health Collaboration is a registered charity (No. 1171887), dedicated to informing and implementing healthy decisions for better public health. PHC ambassadors represent the Public Health Collaboration at a local level, to nurture a network of people to help inform and implement healthier decisions for where they live. So in this role I work with doctors and other medical professionals to help change lives.


So, that was my plan - offer Nutritional Health 1 to 1 Coaching, either in partnership with the client's doctor, or to help individuals keen to improve their underlying health, to avoid developing future chronic conditions.


Expanding the offer

Meanwhile, in September 2019, I met an old colleague at a friend's party, and he updated me on what he was up to. It sounded fascinating and right up my street, and we agreed to meet up for him to talk me through it.  He introduced me to The GC Index®, an analytical tool that measures how people like to make an impact and a contribution - at work but also in life in general. I immediately saw the potential of this tool to address the other element of the gut-brain connection - our emotions and whether we feel energised and able to make an impact.  In January 2020 I undertook the training and became accredited as a Consultant GCologist and a GC Partner.  I offer The GC Index® as an optional tool, as part of my Life and Career 1 to 1 Coaching sessions and have had great success with this so far, in helping clients understand where best to place their focus to feel energised, make an impact and build a happier and more successful future.


The GC Index®, however, is not just useful for individuals. As an Organimetric, it is a fantastic tool for teams and whole organisations to use to ensure they have the right people, in the right place, with the right proclivities, either just to join their business-as-usual teams, and even more so when driving change and transformation across an organisation. Using The GC Index® in this way, I either provide a 1 to 1 service to partners such as recruiters, or individuals within organisations, wishing to optimise the performance of their teams; or partner with fellow GC Partners to build a larger delivery team.

Two of the GC Partners I have joined ranks with are The Change Maker Group and the Young People Index:

The Change Maker Group (TCMG) is a group of independent change professionals, working together to help organisations and communities develop their own Change Makers, by unlocking their hidden change-making potential and enabling people to be the best they can be. As a not-for-profit organisation, we provide coaching, consulting and workshops related to change and use a version of The GC Index - the Change Maker Profile - to assess individuals and their ideal role in transformation projects. We also have some great tools as part of the TCMG portfolio, including programmes focused on helping individuals and teams improve their resilience: Mind-Chi and Colour me Resilient.

The Young People Index takes The GC Index and re-purposes it to help young people aged 11/12 to 18/20yrs determine their own individual strengths and skills, so they can not only see the value they add in the classroom, or in society but are also able to make more informed choices about their future. The results from the YPI assessment empower young people, by highlighting their natural preferences and inclinations, in terms of how they contribute to a team, organisation, project or role and thus boost confidence and self-awareness. The YPI also builds on the assessment to provide Impact Programmes for schools and colleges, developed to help institutions deliver a sustainable and comprehensive careers framework, in line with the Gatsby Benchmarks and the Government's Career Strategy. 


Last but by no means least, I continue to work with my longstanding colleagues at Transform Performance International (TPI), to deliver inspirational workshops, building in particular on the success of their two recent books: The Salesperson's Secret Handbook and The Leader's Secret Handbook, which explore the beliefs, attitudes and behaviours linked to being a top performing salesperson or business leader. Using a bespoke psychometric assessment, developed by the TPI team, we deliver workshops and coaching programmes to help drive performance.


So that's it - an exciting portfolio of skills, tools, techniques, programmes and partnerships, that I am excited to bring to individuals, teams and organisations, to help them be their best.